Cortina dโ€™Ampezzo, Italy 2018 ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น

Date:  21st September 2018

Travelled:  85 kms from Ampezzo in Friuli Venezia Giulia to Cortina dโ€™Ampezzo in Veneto, Italy.

Visited:  The Dolomites and Cortina dโ€™Ampezzo.

Stayed:  Cortina dโ€™Ampezzo, free car-park, no services.  N46.53336, E12.13641

Budget:  110 days @ โ‚ฌ93 per day.

We enjoyed a quiet evening in Ampezzo and awoke to the wonderful views of the hills and mountains surrounding us.  Four other motorhomes join us overnight, but by the time we are servicing the Hymer only one is left.

We depart feeling a little guilty, we did not walk uptown and explore Ampezzo, given they provided such a lovely sosta for free.  But such is the camper-car lifestyle.  You can only do, what your can.

Back on the road the scenery only gets more dramatic.

The mountains become even more prominent as we continue west.
Although we remain well clear of the Austria, the villages look more Austrian than Italian.
Not every village…
The road continues to slowly climb. We pass back into the Provence of Veneto and the Dolomites come into view.
We have toured the French Alps and Pyrenees, through Switerland and Baveria, but there is something about the Dolomites.
The vista seems to be constaintly changing…

Soon enough we roll into Cortina dโ€™Ampezzo.  There is no sosta here, but our data-base shows a free car-park with no services close to town.
Apart from Cortina dโ€™Ampezzo being one of Italyโ€™s top sky resorts, loaded with the usual brand name shops, an Audi dealership, ski-hire and mountain bike shops, itโ€™s a pretty place and the locals take pride in its appearance.
Not sure about this ?  Art is art.
The town cemetery is handy to the car-park.
Anywhere you are in Cortina dโ€™Ampezzo, the Dolomites dominate the view.

We return to the Hymer to find the car-park is full.  We have lots of German and Austrian neighbors tonight.  We do a little planning for tomorrow, maybe a gondola to the moutain top ?  We put the thermal blancket on the Hymerโ€™s windsceen as Cortina dโ€™Ampezzo is at over 1600m (asl).  You can already tell it will be a chilly night….

Michael and Pam

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