Arezzo, Italy. 2018.

Date:  11th September 2018

Travelled:  74 kilometres from Cortona to Arezzo, both in Tuscany, Italy.

Visited:  Arezzo

Stayed:  Arezzo, free car-park.  No services. N43.47246, E11.88363

Budget:  100 days @ €93 per day.


We wake this morning to find our car-park in Cortona empty except for 7-8 motorhomes.  Mind you as I make a coffee, cars start to trickle in.  The morning has a chilli about it, but you can tell the afternoon will be hot.    We have a coffee and breakfast, Pam is chatting to Indiana and Cooper on facetime, whilst I put my mind to the blog.

No point lingering but it’s almost 10am by the time we roll down the hill.  We find a GPL station about 10klms later and refill our gas system some 28 litres of LPG for €19.  Pam checks the budget it’s been exactly a month since our last fill.  Before we left for Europe this year we read lots of rumours about LPG being a problem without a current certificate of compliance.  I think this is our third fill in Italy and no one has looked at all interested except about being paid.

We take the slightly longer route via Sinalunga, where there is a free service point (N43.2172, E11.74405) and a Lidl supermarket.  So it’s worth a few extra kilometres, to get some motorhoming needs completed.


Sinalunga looks nice, but we’re just here for their free sosta. Which we find has free electricity as well.


Get Directions


Arezzo, another ancient Etruscan town absorbed into the empire. Every large round-about has a bronze horse, not sure why ?


Arezzo has 2 motorhome options.  We opt for the free car-park with no services as there are probably 20 motorhomes already there. A sosta with facilities is just up the road but it’s €8 overnight, so obviously we have taken the cheaper option.  Pam tells me we are saving up for her next haircut.


We walk through the nearest gate and start our exploration of Arezzo.  We find this statue with one hand missing in the Piazza San Domenico.  A nearby sign points down the hill to the Duomo, I think that’s a little strange and check Google Maps.  The Duomo is up the hill !


The Duomo or Cathedral di Arezzo.  The guide indicates construction started in the 13th century and it took 200 years to complete.


An interesting sculpture on the forecourt of the Duomo.  A visiting piece by some Spanish artist.


Looking out from the forecourt again, Arezzo is a town of towers.


Founds these guys being used for some photo shoot. I asked if I could take their photo.  They didn’t seem to keen and looked a bit embarrassed.


Inside the Duomo, the Chapel of Madonna.


The frescoes on the vaulted ceilings are very detailed. Mind you it’s very dark inside the duomo even on this sunny afternoon.


Looks like himself…




Taking a look inside the main alter.  We see small golden caskets of what appear to be human remains.


Back on the streets, this looks like an old town hall but we cannot find a sign.


Just around the corner we find the Piazza Grande, which it is.


The rear of a church backs on to the piazza.


Another view across the piazza.


As we wander about, fairly well lost by this stage, we find a chandelier repair shop.  The lady was very nice and let us take a photo.








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