Spello, Italy. 2018

Date:  9th September 2018

Travelled:  23 kilometres from Montefalco to Spello, both in Umbria, Italy.

Visited:  Spello

Stayed:  Spello municpal sosta, €8.  Tap and grey water only. N42.99356, E12.66734

Budget:  98 days @ €94 per day.


It’s Sunday morning and we’re feeling a little lazy today.  We could easily sit out the Sunday in Montefalco but that’s not what we do.  Most of our neighbors have gone early, just in case someone comes to check if they have paid, I suspect.

We have our coffee etc and go for a walk up into Montefalco, there is supposed to be a laundromat here, but we don’t have any luck finding it.


But we do find these guys. I asked who is Robin Hood, the big fellow in the middle responded with ‘call me Little John’.


We join the merry men and women up in the piazza for the annual archery contest.



The tournament apparently goes on all day. Just as we are going we spot them in the vineyard next to the sosta practicing.


So we are finally on our way.  At Foligno we find an excellent laundromat and a Lidl.  We have lunch whilst the machines do their thing, then there’s the supermarket, so by the time we are all packed away again another couple of hours have passed.  The village of Spello is only another 10 klms so we set the GPS and just do what we’re told.


Get Directions


We arrive at the sosta, which is just down the hill from Spello.  The machine says €8 but as nothing works we don’t pay.


Our daily pattern continues, we walk up hill to the old town centro.  In Italy you either walk uphill or down.


Another lovely gate, this one Porta Venere or Gate of Venus.  Its 12 sided columns being renovated in 1990 according to the little sign.


The Church of St Andrea.  Established by the Franciscan’s it has the typically simple exterior the order preferred, circa 1253.


Inside the church, the simple theme continues.  No gold or silver but the complex faulted ceiling draws you to look up.


I didn’t quite get the framing right, but it was dark in there.


Our favourite part of these old Italian churches are the frescos.  Being Franciscan the frescos reflect the life of St Francis and Jesus.


Palazzo Spello.  As the sun sets people appear from here and there. A short queue forms at the gelato bar and the bars start opening.


We have a cooked dinner (one of the 3Ps) waiting back in the Hymer, so having walked Spello we start making our way back.  A last photo looking down across the valley.


It wasn’t one of our most exciting days, but Pam has 15 clean pairs of undies, so she’s excited.  Fresh towels and bedding are nice as well.  Sometimes in campercar world it’s the little things that matter.





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