Montefalco, Italy 2018 ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น

Date:  8th September 2018

Travelled:  64 kilometres from Todi to Montefalco, both in Umbria, Italy.

Visited:  Spoleto and Montefalco

Stayed:  Montefalco municipal sosta, โ‚ฌ5.  All services including electricity.  N42.89207, E12.64761

Budget:  97 days @ โ‚ฌ94 per day.

We wake to a heavy mist in Todi.  As we have our usual magnificient cappucino to start the day, we hear car after car coming into the our car-park.  There are markets this morning in the piazza just up from the church, so we assume the best bargains are found early.

Speaking of coffee, the last of our 3kg of Amore coffee we brought with us from Australia was finished yesterday, so we are now into the local Lavazza (note for 2019 4kgs).

So we walk off into the mist, looking for a bargain.  First thing we find, everyone is actually at mass in the church (itโ€™s Saturday), there are only a few people wandering the market so we wander as well.  Apart from the usual cheese and cured meats there are stalls displaying whole roasted wild boar.  So we order a couple of panini with wild boar meat.

Bit early for a pork roll just yet, so weโ€™ll save them for lunch.
Back on the road again, its all grapes ๐Ÿ‡ and olives in Umbria.

Soon enough we arrive in Spoleto.  There is only one free car-park and we luckily get a parking spot big enough for the Hymer.  The car-park is your usual Italian chaos.  At this stage we donโ€™t care as we have a relatively safe spot.  Itโ€™s a long walk or a bus ride to the old own from here, but I unload the scooter and we are on our way to the tourist office in piazza della Liberta.

We find a very convenient scooter parking area on the Piazza della Liberta.
Directly behind Pam in the previous photo, the Teatro Romano. Far from the best one we have seen but interesting.
The young woman in the tourist office provides a map and her suggested picturesque route to the Rocco.
Walking along Via Arch di Druso we pass through, the Arch di Druso.
Our next stop this wonderful fountain on the piazza del Mercato.

Lots of Pinocchio dolls in Spoleto.
Passing laneways lined with flowers.
Numerous fountains, but not all are grand.
Finally near the top of the hill we look across at the Piazza del Duomo and the Cathedral di St Mary Assunta.  According to the guide book it was built in the 11th century using stone recovered from the various old roman buildings in Spoleto.
The detailed facade of the Cathedral or Duomo was added in the 17th century.  We can hear a choir singing, so head inside.

The frescos above the choir are genuine Fillipo Lippi, in case you were wondering.
As is the Dome.
The Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament.
Back outside after some 45 minutes, listening to the glorious harmonies as we wander about the various chapels.  Looking across the piazza but away from the Duomo.

Behind the Duomo we take the series of escalators (5) to the Rocco gardens.  The Rocco or Fortress at the top, is now a museum.  But we donโ€™t feel the need to visit and save our โ‚ฌ15 for something else.  So we walk the Rocco gardens taking in the vista.


This 10 arched aqueduct built in the 15th century is called the Ponte delle Torri, which loosely translates to bridge of trees (we think). Itโ€™s quite magnificent.  Until the earthquakes in 2017 you could walk across, but itโ€™s currently closed.
This is Umbria.

So having done Spoleto, we scooter back to the Hymer. The car-park has emptied out and re-locate under a large tree for lunch.   Pam remakes our wild boar rolls with the addition of some butter, avocado and salad, delicious.  We then pack up and drive on for Montefalco.

We arrive to find Montefalco has an excellent sosta with all services including electricity for โ‚ฌ5, and some shade.
Looking through an old gate up the Corso Goffredo.
At the top of the hill, the Palazzo Bernardino deโ€™Cuppis.  Apart from the public buildings on the square, this ladies little garden made for the best photo.
Looking across the valley from Montefalco.
Another laneway worth a photo.
For some reason we chose Cafe de Corso, for a birra and vino, the waiter brought out some chips and peanuts, which is normal in Italy.  There were perhaps 10 cafes and bars around the palazzo and the Corso to choose from.  We ordered a second round and look at the menu, he says Iโ€™ll look after you.  This is what he put on our table ! No charge he says.
Another wedding, we gave them a round of applause.

Back at the sosta we have been joined by 4 other motorhomes.  We have another drink and chat about our day as it slips through to the keeper.

Michael and Pam

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