Scanno, Italy. 2018

Date:  1st September 2018

Travelled:  142 kilometres from Sepino in Campania to Scanno in Lazio, Italy.

Visited:  Basilica dell’Addolorata, Civitelia Alfedena and Scanno.

Stayed:  Scanno sosta by the lake, free. With services. N41.92237, E13.85577

Budget:  91 days @ €96 per day.


Whilst I dream of saving vestal virgins and my new found powers as Maximus Aurilous, the night passes quietly.  No barking dogs.  The staff of the museum start arriving about 8am so we start to make a move.

We have a coffee and some fruit.  There isn’t even a bin here at Sepino so it doesn’t take long to get ready.  Rejoining the SS17 north-west.


10 or 15 klms north of Saepinum the mountain of Monti del Matese rise on our left.  The cloud forming off the higher peaks create a strange fenomina.


Through the mist, cloud or whatever it was Pam spots something so we take the next exit or escita off the main road.


We drive up the hill above town of Castelpetroso to the Basilica Dell’Addolorata.  We stop in the car-park and have a wander.


A quick look inside. The Basilica was built in the 1950-70. It’s a popular stopping point for tourist coaches and weddings.


I called this one, ‘Basilica in the Mist’.


Back on the road again. A passing photo of some neat houses and beautiful flowers as we pass through  some random village.


Our travels today pass through two National Parks. This lake near Barrea at over a 1,000 metres.


The township of Barrea. We tried to find a park here, but no luck.


The waters of the lakes up here have a glacial blue. Soon after we cross the lake we turn up the hill for Civitelia Alfedena, just because we can.


We jag a parking spot and go for a walk up town, although ‘up village’ may be more accurate.


It’s such a beautiful village. Pam’s favourite stairs today, so far.


At the top village, we find this spring.


As we walked about Civitelia Alfedena there are signs indicating that Linx can be seen in the area, but all we saw was this deer.


Get Directions


30 minutes later we drive into Scanno. There is a sosta on the lake about 4 klms on the other side of town so we continue on and check it out.  Looks good from here.


Our parking place at the sosta by the lake, not fancy but the price was right, with services.


So we take the scooter off the rack and go for a buzz up town. We arrive to find the town full of people, I keep looking for the free beer sign, but no luck.


The church is the centre of all Italian villages, mind you Scanno has four. However the Holy Mary of the Valley Church seems to be the centrepoint.


Inside the church looking forward to the altar. It appeared some young people were taking their first communion (perhaps).




Walking out of the church, Scanno looks it’s well worth a walk, doesn’t it ?


More Scanno…


Nicest doorway so far…


Interesting fountain…


According to the guide book Scanno has a annual festival where all the woman, dress traditionally for a week.


So that’s Scanno and our day, I feel tired just looking back over this blog.  It suddenly darkens and we feel rain in the air, so we jump back on the scooter and make for the Hymer.  It spits rain all the way down the hill, but we get back without a soaking, just.











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