Roccalumera, Sicily 2018 ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น

Date:  15th August 2018

Travelled:  107 kilometres from Mount Etna to Roccalumera, both in Sicily

Visited:  Roccalumera

Stayed:  Roccalumera Park Jono, โ‚ฌ22. All the usual.  N37.98067, E15.39623

We certainly cannot recommend the Sapienza car-park on Etna for a quiet nightโ€™s sleep.  Up until 11pm there were still motorhomes coming in and despite having an empty 5 acre car-park to choose from, they stop and consider parking next to us in a space far too narrow for another motorhome.  Then our neighbour returned from somewhere about mid-night and started singing.  I had just about had enough when somebody else screamed out in Italian and he shut up and went to bed.

We had our revenge by not paying the โ‚ฌ12 parking fee.

After coffee and fruit we take a last photo of Etna and start our way down the mountain.  The alternator is slower getting worse, so having already saved couple of auto-electricians following a Google search.  We are determined to get it sorted.

We say goodbye to Etna.

An hour or so later we come to the inevitable conclusion that the 15th August is a public hoilday in Italy to celebrate the โ€œFeast of Assumptionโ€.  Nothing is likely to happen today other than we end up being on the back of a recover vehicle.  So we stop looking and focus on getting as far north as we can without making it worse.

A fairly typical look at the SS114 passing through a village. This is a Sicilian A road. Cars parked and double parked wherever ?
By the time we reach Roccalumera we decide to call it a day. There is a small campsite here, itโ€™s a little ordinary, but the people are nice enough and we can have an afternoon walk.  Best of all its only 30 klms onto Messina.
Whilst we chill out (have a nap) a thunder storm does a couple of laps cooling everything down. By the time we can get out for our walk everyone has gone home. The dirty sand beach at Roccalumera isnโ€™t going to win any awards.

We walk up the beach to the next village and back without finding a little bar that inspired us to stop.  A little disappointed we returned to the Hymer to find its karaoke night in the campsite, just what I need.  Not a day to inspire you to buy a motorhome but itโ€™s only 1 day out of a 75 days, so far this trip.

Michael and Pam

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