Valletta, Malta. 2018

Date:  7th August  2018

Travelled:  Only by scooter, the Hymer is on ramps and hooked up to electricity

Visited: Valletta

Stayed:  Camping Malta, L-Armier, €21.50 pd, all the usual services.  N35.99484, E14,36686. 


Another quiet evening at L-Armier.  Most of the local Maltese who have vans or cabins at the campsite seem to drift off yesterday and are probably at work today.  It’s actually fairly cloudy this morning, a little cooler by a degree or so.  The weather app says there a 20% chance of rain.

Valletta is our planned destination today, probably about 25klms from L-Armier.  A long way on a 50cc scooter and the thought of 2 hours in a local bus doesn’ appeal.  We do all the usual morning things before getting the scooter ready to go.


Our campsite friends, John and Linda from England depart for Sicily this afternoon, so we say our goodbyes before riding over the hill.


Get Directions


As we approach Floriana Peninsula on which the old city of Valletta stands, the roads are wet but other than a bit of light drizzle whilst we park the scooter its the only rain we see today.


Pam stands outside the Parliament Building in Valletta.


It’s only a short walk across to the Barrack Gardens.


The view from the gardens across the bastion and Valletta harbour is beautiful.



We see the facade of the Victory Church and pop in for a look.


The Victory Church is ornately decorated, the ceiling murals very detailed.


Valletta’s Royal Opera House.


We walk down to St John’s Co-Cathedral. Pam buys the tickets and we manage a seniors discount of €7.50pp


From the outside the Co-Cathedral is nothing to look at, with trees in the square blocking any chance of a photo, but inside !


The individual chapels are extravagant!


Very scary tomb coverings…


If you have a desire to see the poor old St John decapitated by the great masters, this is the place to be.


We continue our wandering down the hill. Stopping for a coffee. This fountain is outside in the square outside the Grand Master’s Palace on Republic Street.



Soon enough and sweaty enough we reach Fort St Elmo and take in the views of across the entrance of Valletta harbour.


So our day in Valletta is done, we make our way back up the hill on Merchant’s St just to be different. We have a long lunch in the same cafe we had enjoyed for our earlier coffee break before the long scooter ride back to L-Armier.


A different view of Camping Malta. Both roads to the campsite are a kilometres of miserable pot holes, but I want you to know we tried to find the least worst way of getting there.













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