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Trapani, Sicily. 2018

Date: 28th July 2018

Travelled: ย 66 kilometres from Castellammare del Golfo to Trapani, both in Sicily

Visited: ย Ancient Segesta and Trapani

Stayed: ย Hotel Le Saline Sosta โ‚ฌ20 for everything. ย N37.98279, E12.53066


Camping Nausicaa provided a very peaceful nights sleep, only the sound of our air-conditioner rumbling away to ensure a comfortable nights sleep. ย A bit of a slow start, we have coffee and fruit then go for a walk and a swim. ย We consider staying another night as itโ€™s such an oasis from the summer heat, but ancient Segesta is calling.


We have our croissants ๐Ÿฅ over looking the Gulf of Castellammare, then pack up and move along on our next adventure.


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Itโ€™s only a 15 kilometre drive through the hills to Segesta. ย We are directed to a car-park about 1 kilometre from the site, here we then pay โ‚ฌ5 parking fee. ย Then we are bused to the ticket office. ย Then you buy your tickets โ‚ฌ6pp, but then you need to buy a second bus ticket to the top of the mountain, โ‚ฌ1.50pp.


Segestaโ€™s Doric Temple stands in isolation from the main city on the adjoining hill top.


Built by the Elimi peoples in 430 BC, the temple was never completed. ย Elimi were said to have originated from Troy.


It has stood the test of time. You can see the odd piece of stabilization work, and some work is in progress. ย It is impressive. ย The sun is very hot and the temple is best enjoyed in the shade provided by the trees in the background.


So we take the second bus this time to the adjoining hilltop. This is the site of the actual city of Segesta. ย The city was finally abandoned in the 14th century. ย Many of the ruins up here are built on the ruins of the earlier Elini peoples.


The ruins on top of the hill are mostly just ruins. Lines of stones provide a guide for the layout of various building but thatโ€™s about it.


The views from the highest point is spectacular.



Walking out through the ruins of the old city wall and down the hill we find the second of Segestaโ€™s highlights. ย The theatre.


Built to hold 4,000 people in the traditional Roman, bring your own pillow style. ย It also provides the audience with a great view across the valley.



Every good archeological site has a spare parts department ! Anyway we have done Segesta and walk back down to the bus stop, catch the first of the two buses back to the Hymer. ย As it has been sitting in the sun for two hours it is an oven.


From Segesta it takes about an hour to arrive in Trapani. ย Being a large port town, that looks a bit dusty and ordinary we are not awe struck. ย We spot a Lidl supermarket and do a quick shop. ย There are no motorhome sosta in Trapani but there is one about 4 kilometres south of the town. ย The Lonely Planet eludes to Trapaniโ€™s lovely โ€˜old town quarterโ€™ but we see no sign of it before we continue on to Le Saline Sosta. ย The sosta sits behind a service station and hotel. ย It has a bar and a small shop, but most importantly some shade. ย  By the way they dry sea salt around here, so large pink drying beds line the road, hence the name.


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After chilling out for a couple of hours, we decide to give Trapani a try. So we roll the scooter off and head into town. We manage a parking spot near this very Italian Church. Evocatively named the Souls of the Holy Purgatory.


To our surprise the church door is open and there are lots of people milling around inside, so we go and mill around with them.


Around the church we find 12 (stations of the cross) large wooden carvings on display. They date from the 16th century, having been recently restored. They are on a traveling roadshow around Italy.


After all the purgatory and scary religious scenes I decide Iโ€™ll be a better person from tomorrow, but for now a drink is calling.


As we continue our walk more and more people are coming out. There are lots of narrow laneways and small piazza to explore.


Somehow we walk through to the waterfront. Looks nice doesnโ€™t it ?


Trapani is buzzing so we find a little bar and enjoy drinks watching the world walk by. ย Another day on the road slips by.


We manage to find our way back to the sosta just on dark. ย The air-conditioner starts rubbling away and the Hymer cools quickly, so a comfortable nights sleep ahead.

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