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Briançon, France. 2018.

Date:  19th July 2018.

Travelled:  130 kilometres from Col de L’Iséran to Briançon

Visited:  L’Ecot driving on the Route des Grandes Alps.

Stayed:  Briançon Municipal Aire, free. The usual services. N44.89062, E06.62911

Budget:  47 days @ €83 per day.


Our quiet evening on Col de L’Iséran lasted until 12.30am when a thunder and lightning storm struck.  At 2770 metres you are a lot closer to the action than sea level, so it was a real experience.  Eventually the sound of thunder turned to the sound of rain on the roof and we were able to go back to sleep.


When we wake it’s a cold and clear morning here on top of the mountain, with no sign of last night’s weather.  Pam wants a leg streatch so we walk up and around the hillside.  It’s not far but its steep and the air is a little thin up here.



Just mucking around as usual.


Back in the Hymer we say au-revoir to our neighbour and start down the mountain.


It’s a slow run down from the Col, in 2nd gear mostly to save the brakes.  More time to take in the scenery.


Never seen ice/snow this thick in the middle of summer.


This morning our french neighbour recommended the walk from Bonneval-sur-Arc (bottom of the mountain) to the historic village of L’Ecot. It’s not in our guide book but sounds interesting so we give it a go.


We find the carpark and a sign ‘stating 1 hour to L’Ecot. It’s a good uphill walk following the river and it takes the full hour.


A little sweaty but no worse for the walk, this is what we find a lovely village of old stone and slab houses.  Mostly vacant but there are two cafes amongst them.


Pam relaxes whilst I catch my breath in the shadow of the chapel, of course L’Ecot has a little chapel.


Looking down on the chapel and the village of L’Ecot.  Your not going to find this view in Bali are you !


Back in the Hymer we have a coffee and continue south on the D902. Turning for Lac (lake) du Mont Cenis we start the long drive out of the French alps down into Italy. This is a particularly hard drive. It is so long (about 20 kilometres) and steep the Hymer would not hold second gear and I was constantly on the brakes.


Finally at the Italian town of Susa, (this is the best photo I could find and fairly ordinary), we turn for Briançon and start to wind our way back up into France re-joining the Route des Grandes Alpes


As we drive down into Briançon we can see 2-3 fortress on the ridge tops. Our original thought was an overnight stop but it looks interesting already.


It’s been a long days driving, well not really long but challenging.  We find our spot in the aire at Briançon.  There are several other motorhomes already here, the cars currently in the car-park will soon leave and a few more campers arrive.  Let’s hope for no thunder storms tonight.

2 thoughts on “Briançon, France. 2018.

  1. Rita

    Hi Happy Wanderers,

    Recently at the Which-Bank? I spoke with the pretty blonde woman, told her that I thought Pam had lost weight, she said: “Pam always comes back from those voyages very skinny, they walk a lot you know, she added”. I can see that from your stunning photos. She thought you were in Spain while I suspected you in France for the Tour de France: Congratulations on your report on it – the quality of which was far superior to SBS.

    At home there are rumours that “Albo” will soon replace Bill Shorten as Labor Leader; while I cannot stand “Albo”, Turnbull better start praying that he will have Shorten as an adversary rather than “Albo” who is popular among the populace and would still benefit from a honeymoon at the next elections.

    When Turnbull followed the orders of his Missus and issued the “No-Bonking-Edict”, you were still in the country I think, but now he has even taken to giving orders to the Pope to sack his wayward Bishops. Has he never heard of the “give onto Ceasar what is Ceasar’s and onto God what is God’s” or words to that effect ?

    Speaking of things negative: have you experienced ANYTHING at all negative on your voyages ? I’d love to read a little horror story 😉

    Greetings from OZ

  2. Jo

    Wow! I didn’t think there would be that much snow. Looks like you are having an amazing time. We are in Ireland just heading to Letterkenny. Will try and talk soon. Take care

    Ian and Jo

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