Cartagena, Colombia. 2012 ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ด

Our Gang under the Columbian Flag, Cartagena, Columbia. 2012
Our Gang under the Colombian Flag, Cartagena, Colombia. 2012

We have an early cappuccino before heading to the gym. It is already getting hot and very humid up on deck 10 as we enter the harbor and get our first glimpse of Cartagena. From the gym we can see the city quite clearly now. Numerous skyscrapers line the horizon. Again we are surprised by how large and modern some of these South American cities are. ย We have decided to sightsee with Jenny and Dave rather than an organized excursion. Having negotiated a price with a driver we leave the port and venture into the morning traffic. Lots of motorbikes, cars and buses move slowly in what seems, organized chaos. Maybe there were road rules, but none appeared obvious.

We visit the ancient Spanish Fort which looks over the old city. The old city walls can be scene quite clearly, but here and there it disappears behind a new shopping mall or hotel. It is now very hot, but a breeze has risen to provide some relieve. ย Our next stop is the old city itself, many gracious old buildings, mostly well looked after. Lots of archways, statues and churches. Obviously a little bit of 16th century Madrid in the Caribbean. The street venders are numerous and a little annoying, but people have to make a living and we try not to be rude. There is a Police Officer on virtually every corner. They seem very friendly, blow their whistles and stop the traffic for us to cross. Everyone is polite.

On our way back to the Infinity, we stop at the port duty free. They have an open garden area, we sit and have a cool drink as parrots, tukans, flamingos and a few monkeys go about there day. This is our last port of call and we are a little sad to steam out of Cartagena leaving the cities lights in our wake.

Really for the Pirates, Cartagena, Columbia. 2012
Really for the Pirates, Cartagena, Colombia.



Walls of the old city of Cartagena. 2012
Walls of the old city of Cartagena.




Dave and Michael being inappropriate in Cartagena. 2012
Dave and Michael being inappropriate in Cartagena.


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