The Reedcutter, England 2018 ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง

Date:  7th July 2018

Travelled:  124 kilometres from Newmarket to Cantley both in England.

Visited:  Norwich, via park-n-ride ยฃ2.50pp return.

Stayed:  The Reedcutter (pub) at Cantley, free. Proper service point. N52.57646, E01.51462

Our overnight park in Newmarket proved to be a bit noisy, not unsafe, but noisy.  Just people coming and going in the early hours, chatting away as you do when you have had a drink or two.  It was free and convenient so you have to take the good with the bad.

Anyway we have no plans for Newmarket and continue our journey east.

On our way out of Newmarket. Newmarket is a famous horse breading and training town. There are special crossing on the roads for horses.  As itโ€™s early there are horses everywhere.  Doncaster the famous race track is just up the road.

We are soon on the A11 for Thetford, dropping in to the TNT office there to pick up a package and continuing on to Norwich.  The english school holidays havnโ€™t started yet, but the weekend traffic is very busy.  Norwich is a small city and parking is very limited, so we head straight for the park-n-ride at Postwick on the eastern side of the city.  We slide the Hymer into a safe spot and pay our ยฃ2.50pp return ticket and jump on the bus.

Center map

Norwichโ€™s most stunning landmark is its Cathedral.  So we follow the signs…
The amazing Ethelbert Gate named after Saint Ethelbert obviously, is the entry to the cathedral grounds.
The cathedral is certainly an imposing building. According to the blurb, second only to Salisbury for the height of itS spire with the largest cloisters in the UK. Behind Pam the visitors centre has been built over the abbey ruins.
Looking up the nave towards the pulpitum, its length and height are stunning.  We were told there is a wedding taking place but we havenโ€™t seen or heard it, so far.
There is an angled mirror on a trolley allowing visitors the opportunity to take in the details of the finely vaulted ceilings.
Taking in the scenes depicted in the stained glass windows makes the visit even more enjoyable.
At the end of the northern crossover, the tomb of some long forgotten Bishop.

Looking across the cloisters to the crossover.  Note how dry the grass is here.  They currently have water restrictions in southern England.

We leave the cathedral and head up town for a wander. Pam strikes a pose, with one of the 20 or so hares, each with a different theme that can be found as street art around Norwich.
There are lots of people wandering about, but we particularly see large groups of football supporters obviously heading for their favourite pub.

England play Sweden in the World Cup in two hours.  Perhaps we need to find a pub stop for tonight.  So we make our way back to the Hymer in double quick time.

We find a pub on a canal near Cantley in our database. Itโ€™s on the edge of the Broads about 30 minutes away. Well it would be if this guy would open the gate a bit quicker. Havenโ€™t seen a level crossing with manual gates for many years.

Center map

We are soon parked up on the edge of the canal, next to Iris and Michael from Germany they have just arrived to start a tour of England.  After the game we have dinner together and chat about our various motorhome adventures.

Half an hour before the game, the pub is empty except for two local barflies.  Within 15 minutes the pub is full of people and dogs.

Have seen worse places to spend the night. The canal is actually the River Yare.
England scores its second goal sealing the game.

After the game the afternoon crowd starts to thin, then slowly the pub fills again with people who have come for dinner.  After our dinner with Iris and Michael we call it another excellent day of motorhoming adventures.  One of the things we like most about motorhoming is not being exactly sure where the day will lead us.

Michael and Pam

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