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Riding High in Liverpool, 2018

Date: 6th June 2018

Travelled: 202 kilometres from Little Leigh to Croft

Visited: Liverpool

Stayed: Millhouse Lane, Croft. Free, N53.42707, W02.54653.


The birds are chirping, damn it’s first light at 4am this time of year.  Not easy to sleep in, but a bit of a doze until 5.30am when a tractor turns into the paddock behind and start plowing or mowing or something noisy.  It looks like another beautiful day which will be good to wander Liverpool.


The Hymer is booked in the have air-bags added to its rear suspension in Warrington this morning.  The Hymer sits on an Alko chassis with a torsion bar rear suspension.  This makes for lighter weight which improves payload and power to weight ratios according to the blurb, however the downside is sag as the vehicle ages.  The more the tail sags the less stable and comfortable it becomes to drive.  The only option is to add an airbag system to the rear.  I tried to have a system fitted last year, had it booked in with a fitter then he wouldn’t do it on the day.  There are only two companies in the UK that supply and fit these systems.  The second one is AS Air Suspension in Warrington and that is why we are here.


So we say our goodbyes to The Holly Bush Inn and head for Warrington.  We are a little early, have a chat with the two proprieters and take up their offer of a lift to the railway station.  As we drive though Warrington it doesn’t appear to have a lot of charm.  Most of the centre of town is either very modern or a shade dilapidated.  £10 return for the two of us and we are way for the 30 minute trip to Liverpool Central Station.


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Just outside Liverpool Central, doesn’t have that big city feel. Not in a hurry, is how I would describe it…as we walk everything is The Beatles, The Mersey and this way to the Cavern district.


We walk along through some upmarket shopping area to pick up a data sim, then continue on through to this memorial to Queen Victoria.


We walk on to the Cavern Club, made famous by The Beatles but a starting venue for many legendary bands.


Love this wall in Matthew Street.


Hanging out, as you do.


Looking down Matthew Street, all the pubs and clubs have names that probably breach copyright somewhere.


We wander down to the banks of the Mersey. There are some magnificent public buildings along the promenade.


We spend the next 30 minutes or so walking the Royal Albert Dock then onto the Queen’s Dock. Very lucky with the weather.




Looking across Coburg Dock we turn to take the long walk up the Liverpool Cathedral.


Liverpool’s CofE Cathedral, only completed in 1978. Constructed in red sandstone its huge. You can climb to the top for a small fee, but as we have been walking for 3 hours, not today.


Someone important or rich most likely.


It’s all down hill as we head back into central Liverpool, by accident we find Liverpool’s second Cathedral (Catholic). A stunning piece of modern architecture.


Its after 2pm and we have been walking for 4 hours. The Lonely Planet recommends the Philharmonic Dining Rooms for lunch and here we are.


Why are we here, the beer 🍻 is good ? Pam says the wine 🍷 is good, the lunch is good pub food 🥘? Have you ever had a chance to urinate at a World Heritage Listed dunny?  We get yourself to the Philharmonic !


Mind you, only the ‘mens’ is heritage list.  Pam has to wait 30 minutes until the next woman’s tour of the mens toilet occurs, she returns with a new respect for men !


The suspension place rings to say the Hymer will be finished within the hour and we leave the Philharmonic, I duck into the dunny for a last extended look (two pints) and we make our way back to the station.  Our ride back to the Hymer is waiting and there it is sitting 50mm higher at the rear.  Its an emotional re-union, I am playing with the up and down buttons whilst Pam argues over the bill.  Its been a long day…



Date: 7th June 2018

Travelled: 180 kilometres from Croft to Keswick (Lakes District)

Visited:  Windermere (Lake and Town), parking £3

Stayed:  Motorhome car park, Keswick, £7 day, £1 night. N54.60336, W03.14165


Despite parking so close to the M6 at Croft, we get a good nights sleep.  Other than waking at 0430am to chirping birds and the sun coming through the skylight.  We are now the proud owner of a Peugeot Kisbee, 50cc of ripling power.  Anyway its seems secure on the scooter rake.  The Kisbee’s previous owner allowed us to stay overnight next to his shed (free), much to Pam’s delight.


By 6am we have had a coffee and started tracking the Hymer north on the M6 again.  Stopping at the Tesco at Preston at 7am for a shop and breakfast (toast), the M6 is getting busier by the minute.  We are making for the Lakes District today to meet up with Karl and Teresa, the National Park is worth a week of anyones time but this is a flying visit on our way to Scotland.  North of Lancaster we turn for the A590 leave most of the traffic and head west into the National Park.


Without putting a lot of thought into it we drive the A592 up the eastern shores of Lake Windermere.  Without appearing to be a used car salesmen, this is beautiful country.  The weather just adds to the experience.  Just short of Windermere township, we find a long term £3 parking spot next to a couple of other motorhomes and go out for a leg stretch.


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From the carpark we take the path around Cockshott Point. Popular today with dogs 🐶 and their people.


Eventually we walk into Windermere village, a mixture of beautiful scenery and Korean’s with selfie sticks. As usual they are in groups of 50 so no problem at all.


Daschund garden seat in bronze, interesting ?


So its back onto the road north to Keswick at the head of Derwent Water on the northern part of the National Park.  The scenery is much different, the hills higher and treeless, the lakes darker.  We arrive in Keswick and catch up with Karl and Teresa, we are soon joined by Mike and Carol (their neighbors) and friends from up the road.


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Karl suggest walking to the pub, he didn’t mention it was in the adjoining county !  That’s Maisie, the brains of the outfit by the way.


We skirt Derwent Waters and traverse around the Cat’s Eye mountain.  The scenery is fabulous and the walk easy if not long.  Nearly 2 hours later we arrive at this beautiful pub with a garden overlooking the waters.  Then settle into dinner and drinks.


Much later its a taxi back to Keswick (thank goodness), then another pub and you can guess the rest…

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  1. Gaye JENNINGS

    Your beautiful photos bring back fond memories of our travels in the Lakes district and our travels across England from Carlisle to Newcastle following Hadrian’s wall and stopping at all the Roman forts on the way.

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