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On the Road Again, 2018

Date: 4th June 2018.

Travelled: 129 kilometres from Church Farm, Bosham to Oxford.

Visited: Mostly just driving the A34

Stayed: The Old Red Lion, Marston (Britstop). Free. N51.77233, W01.23752


Another year passes as we start our motorhome adventures for 2018. ย In reality itโ€™s only 7 months since we put the Hymer in storage and returned to Sydney, after touring Scandinavia. ย Its been a long hot summer in Sydney and the warm weather has continued through autumn, with the winter chill only stricking in the last weeks of May. ย We are leaving a month earlier this year than we normally do, hoping to get some fair weather in Scotland without co-inciding with the midge feeding season.


We have had some routine work done on the Hymer during the off-season, this would normally be a service and an MOT (road worthiness) inspection. ย However the timing belt on the Hymerโ€™s Fiat 2.8 TDI was last changed in 2012, the recommended service replacement is 6 years. ย When we originally purchased the Hymer we had a 3 year plan to explore europe, but that seems to have developed into a 10 year plan. ย So ยฃ325 on preventative maintenance seemed prudent. ย Only the start of the maintenance planned for this year I am afraid.


30 minutes in and we still cannot see the front of the queue !


Singapore Airlines delivered us safely and on-time to Heathrow. ย Whilst the first leg to Singapore was disturbed by a screaming child the second leg was very quiet and comfortable, so we both managed a good sleep (with some chemical assistance). ย Not so good was the wait of 90 minutes to clear customs. ย This didnโ€™t make Tony our driverโ€™s day either. ย Another 90 minutes later Tony drops us at Church Farm for an emotional reunion with the Hymer. ย Pam is busy unpacking whilst I wash 7 months of dust away. ย The fridge is running, we leaves our empty bags with Church Farm and hit the road.


First stop, the nearby Tescoโ€™s supermarket to fill the cupboards and fridge for the trip north…





Date: 5th June 2018.

Travelled: 153 kilometres from Oxford to Warrington

Visited: Ironbridge Gorge

Stayed: Holly Bush Inn, High Walton (Oxford), free pub stay. N53.36299, W02.62748


We had one round of drinks in the Old Red Lion before calling it quits. ย Its been a long couple of days and a good sleep is required, unfortunately the sun was up at 4.30 am and that was the end of that. ย By 5.30 we are up re-arranging this and that all part of settling in to 4 months of motorhoming. ย Itโ€™s a cold drizzly morning and not looking too flash as we have our coffee and fruit. ย The gates to the pub open as if by magic and we continue our journey north.


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The drizzle soon passes and the day brightens as we bypass Coventry and Birmingham, leaving the M6 we take the A roads west for Ironbridge Gorge. ย Whilst all roads appear to lead to Ironbridge, none of them actually appear to get there. ย Eventually we find the road leading down to the gorge itself and find a free carpark. ย Donโ€™t get excited it wasnโ€™t really a free carpark but the machine was apparently broken and a small cardboard sign stated โ€˜free parking todayโ€™.


The roads are narrow and there are several museum all titled Ironbridge this and that.


Following this coach seems like the best option.



The Lonely Planet describes Ironbridgeโ€™s iron bridge as a magnificent example of late 19th century engineering. However we arrive to find its rapped in 21st century plastic for a refurbish.



We saw several brick kilns and factories built into the steep hillside. Noting Ironbridge was famous for itโ€™s pipe kilns. Pam and I were was thinking terracotta drainage pipes but no, it was tobacco smoking pipes.



As this notice board indicate its a labyrinth of narrow winding road from one museum or site to the next.


The village of Ironbridge stands on the River Severn. The village is very pretty but a little touristy, I can recommend the pastie for lunch.


So we start the long drive back out of the gorge turning onto the M6 for Warrington. ย We are having some work done on the Hymerโ€™s rear suspension tomorrow and the company (AS Air Suspension) has recommended the Holly Bush Inn as an overnight stop. ย As we get closer to Warrington the weather has cleared, the sun is out. ย The GPS does itโ€™s job and we roll into the car-park just in time to put the awning out and have a little afternoon nap before dinner.


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The Holly Bush Inn, beer ๐Ÿบ, wine ๐Ÿท and good food ๐Ÿฅ˜ , bonus the sun โ˜€ is out.





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  1. Gaye

    Glad you both arrived safe and sound. Have a good holiday. Saw Jess out walking today – she looks happy.

  2. Greg

    Hi guys,
    You looked pretty fresh at Heathrow. Have a great trip, stay safe, already enjoyng the read…..

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